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Brain research tells us that the curriculum must cultivate meaning-making. It should be organized around categories, concepts, and governing principles. A meaningful curriculum is characterized by high interest and high relevance, and it taps into learners' feelings and experiences. If we want students to retain, understand, and use ideas, information, and skills, we must give them ample opportunity to make sense of, or "own," them through involvement in complex learning situations. - Carol Ann Tomlinson

SRACS Curriculum Message from Anna Williams

Dear Families,

Welcome to Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School! On behalf of the teaching staff here at SRACS I would like to say how excited we are that you have chosen our school for your child. Our mission is to serve students who show the interest, ability, and promise of succeeding in an academically challenging and specialized setting.  With the integration of technology, making connections across disciplines as the key element of their educational experience, students are engaged in high interest, standards-based, real-world experiences that promote individualized learning. Our program is not a panacea for all children.  It is a place where students who thrive on challenge, who can accept not always knowing the answers, who have an intrinsic sense of motivation, are stimulated by opportunities to explore.

In addition to a different curriculum model, we also run our school with a collaborative approach. We have our parent club, the SFPO that provides opportunities for communication and support between teachers and parents. Unlike traditional schools we, the teachers are in charge of the design model of our curriculum, though we are mandated to follow the state standards of what we teach. We consider our parents, our students, and staff a team model where each year we grow and develop in our ability to create an educational experience that is rigorous and thought-provoking. Please feel free to ask questions, come to SFPO meetings, and be a part of the team.

“Public charter schools offer an important and timely public school option to address the challenges facing our traditional education system. Charter schools provide parents the opportunity to offer real input in their child’s education. Charter schools give educators the freedom to try new strategies to inspire student achievement. Charters schools, less encumbered by the bureaucratic barriers that face other public schools, have the potential to spark system-wide change.” -

Warm Regards,

Anna Williams

SRACS Faculty & Lead Teacher

6th Grade English Language Arts & Social Studies