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Parking Lot Safety

parking lot safety

The parking lot and pick-up situation at the SRACS/RVMS school site is challenging at best. Be prepared, the parking lot can become very crowded. RVMS school hours are 8:15am-2:03pm. Between RVMS and SRACS there will be over 900 students coming to school at the same time.   

Consider walking or riding to school.  Students walking or riding may enter via Badger Road or Middle Rincon Road.  There are bike racks located near both the Math/Science rooms and the Language Arts/ History rooms.

Here are some rules to follow, so that our children stay safe and fellow drivers are not further impacted. Stay calm and breathe... everyone is frustrated yet doing their best to drop off and pick up their child in a timely fashion.

When dropping off and picking up students in the SRACS parking lot, please stay to the right-hand side and pull up as far as you can before stopping.  Pick up and drop off in front of the field.  Students will walk on the side walk to and from class.  DO NOT WALK ACROSS THE PARKING LOT!  Please do not leave your car if you are stopped in the right lane. If you need to leave your car, you need to park in a space.

Once you have dropped them off or picked them up, then please move into the left-hand lane. The left-hand lane is a flowing traffic lane, not a lane to stop. 

Also, please remember to turn right as you enter Badger Road. This will help keep our students safe and reduce congestion. The City of Santa Rosa has installed a "No Left Turn" sign out of our main parking lot on Badger Road. The sign will only be in effect from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.  Please respect this rule on minimum days as well, and do not turn left during the congested times! Parents turning left often have to wait for traffic to clear and traffic backs up the parking lot. We ask that parents turn right and loop around the school using neighboring streets, thus allowing other parents to get out of the parking lot quickly.

Thank you for your cooperation, and as an added reminder!!

  • Do not park in NO Parking zones
  • Do not park in FIRE or BUS lanes
  • Do not make U-turns in the NO U-Turn zones
  • Make a drop-off/pick-up plan with your children
  • Plan for extra congestion during the first few weeks of school as we all learn the system